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Transformation through education and upskill.

For every MSP on planet earth.

Welcome to the future age of MSP. 

Every employee must grow in MSP competency. Regardless their role. No matter their experience. Whatever their capabilities.

Every MSP needs every employee rowing in the same direction. Hard stop.

Imagine juggling an average of 67 learning portals.

That's just the beginning. Imagine being lost in a sea of content, most of it totally irrelevant to your job requirements. Most MSPs give up on education and upskilling because the process is impossible. 

Imagine one learning platform for every employee.

Imagine a single learning platform built to address the learning requirements and needs of every MSP employee. Complete with engaging, relevant content, taught by the world's leading MSP experts, spiced up with community collaboration, live streams, and the accountability you need to ensure success.

Community + Learning + Accountability = MSP Success

Your Journey to MSP Success is waiting for you.



The learning and upskill platform for MSPs. Get ready to take your revenue to new heights. Standardize every employee according to learning pathways that will drive your MSP to success.

Ready for a sneak peek?

With the Right Software,
Great Things Can Happen

Huge value in being part of this community! Be sure to take a look and engage. Five stars!

Bob Miller
COO, Global Data Systems

There's something for everyone here. Every employee needs to speak Cybersecurity. This includes techs, marketing, finance. I have my whole team signed up as it's great for onboarding new employees. Empath saves us time by unraveling the latest cyber news, like the new FTC safeguard rules. Empath demystifies topics like the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and cyber insurance so newcomers can get into the club.

Ann Westerheim

President, Ekaru

I'm buzzing with excitement about joining the Empath platform!  I think I have finally found the right place to get the guidance and confidence I need to get my ass in the game!

Nick Hansen

CEO, EspressTech Partners


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